Paszkiewicz, Douglas – Laughter of the Damned #3


Laughter of the Damned #3 (with Mark Crnolatas & Randy Crider)

So here it is, a year or so later than my last review for this guy, and I still can’t figure out what I think about him. This one left me pretty cold the first time through, but I found myself chuckling at more than a few things when I was flipping through the book to get a good sample. Everybody who’s reading this site knows that I can be the most wishy-washy reviewer in the world, so no surprises here. I think Doug’s stuff has gotten a lot darker since the last time I saw it (gags in here include a dead fairy on the windshield, exchanging the bristles of a brush with needles, and a man eating himself to death). A lot of people wouldn’t like this stuff at all, and I’m afraid that the farther we get into the land of political correctness (or whatever it’s called this week), the less likely people are to allow themselves to laugh at this book. That being said, there were still a few gags in here that weren’t funny precisely because they were obvious gross-outs. Are you looking for a coherent opinion here? Hope not. The bottom line is that there’s not a ton of funny stuff in here, but the funny stuff that you do find is hilarious in ways that you rarely see. In other words, a mixed bag, but still worth a look. $2.75, here’s hoping that the contact info up there is still good because I don’t see it in this comic…

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