Paszkiewicz, Douglas – Misery A Go Go #1 (preview)


Misery A Go Go #1 (preview)

Here’s the preview edition of another book from Douglas, Mark Crnolatas and Randy Crider. Randy did the art, Douglas and Mark did the writing, in case you were wondering. There are a couple of short pieces in here about a pedophile merman, a hilarious POW escape attempt and free trade (hard to believe, but it’s funny too). And then there’s the bulk of the book, which is dedicated to a story called Human Interest, about a man with no arms and his inspirational story. The problem is that he’s a bitter, miserable human being, and there’s nothing remotely heartwarming about they guy. Look, there’s nothing cute or fluffy about the humor here, it’s actually fairly brutal, but that’s the point. The important thing is that it’s funny all the way through. Granted, it’s only a preview and there might be some dull spaces in the actual book, but the preview edition is packed with funnies. Contact info is up there, the preview edition was free but I’m guessing the actual comic was $2.50 or so, judging from his other books…

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