Paton, Doug & Johnson, Jeremy – Status Quo #1


Status Quo #1

Another day, another OK comic from a couple of people that I’ve never heard of. It gets kind of silly at times, and they use pretty much the same joke for a few of the one page strips, but the whole thing still holds together. I just get the feeling that they had a lot of fun making this, and sometimes that can push an OK book over the top. Let’s see, what’s in here… a talking dog, the Middle Ages, locusts, aliens, sasquatch, and the creators. You can’t go wrong with most of those things, and it’s hard to fault them for wanting to be in their own comic. I don’t know. It might not be the greatest comic in the world, but I’d probably buy #2 if I saw it at a store. Not the most ringing endorsement in the world, granted, but I think it’s worth a look. Go to their website for ordering info and more samples. Hey, knowledge is power, right?

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