Polderman, Linc – I Belong to Jonas #10

Know of any contact info for Linc?  Please e-mail me!

I Belong to Jonas #10

Well, if this comic proved one thing, it’s this: cancer can be funny, at least when it’s only infected a mouse. Of course, Linc goes to so much trouble to make these characters seem likable that it’s a bit of cop-out to imply that it wouldn’t have been as funny with human characters, but I am nothing if not a walking contradiction. Anyway, this is the end of the latest batch of stories, although I suppose more could easily come from here. I hope they do, as these little stories are a blast, and it’s not like you could run out of mice to tell stories about in the world, and you just can’t beat the $.25 price tag on these things. One more time with the address, and I’ll get any e-mail or website up here as soon as I see it: 5638 Cranston St., Portage, MI 49002

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