Poullet, Paulette – Life’s a Cakewalk Comics #1


Life’s A Cakewalk Comics #1

Note to anyone who cares about these sorts of things: I reviewed #2 of this series many months ago and am just now getting to #1. So this is more or less a look back at Paulette working out the kinks in her sketchbook style, as I loved #2 and am only so-so on this one. Mostly because it looks like crap in more than a few places, one of the dangers of doing a daily strip, but something she seemed to have under control for the second issue. In this one she deals with sickness, annoying people on the bus, famous people she looks like, her soon-to-be neutered cat, Don Simpson (as he taught a class she was taking, and shame on you if you don’t know who Don Simpson is), an awful Cure video, dancing for the hell of it, and a page of mostly unfortunate attempts to draw Simpsons characters. Plenty of other stuff too, as this is a pretty hefty issue for $1.50, but there’s no sense in spoiling all the surprises. A decent effort, although the second one is better, there’s still more than enough funny in here to make it worth the cheap cover price.

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