Purins, Ansis – Duppy



Hooray for a bunch of little stories instead of just one big story? Don’t get me wrong, I liked the last issue just fine, but the way I usually tell if I’m going to like somebody in the long term is if I can see a variety of their stories and make sure it’s not just because I’m hopelessly biased towards zombie stories. Well, in this particular case, anyway. In here you have a giant robot who only wants to please, a young woman trying to take the garbage out and being harassed by all kinds of woodland creatures (including Zombre), a crying hippie, a lonely Sasquatch befriending Zombre, a case of mistaken identity, a story about Rudeboys (so THAT’S what the song “Simmer Down” is all about), something about fending off a Duppy of your own and some nasty zombie vomit. Yep, it turns out that I like all his stuff. Most of the stories with the zombie were wordless so the book kind of flew by, but there’s something in each of these stories to recommend the book, and that’s just about all you can ask for. Contact info is up there, this one is $3 (or $4 with shipping).

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