Rees, David – Get Your War On


Get Your War On

Why couldn’t I have found out about this while it was going on? Man, would that have been therapeutic. These are strips that start on October 9, 2001 and continue up through the middle of the next year. If you’ve seen his other book you know how he does his comics, with the same pictures being used with different dialogue. I thought his last book was hilarious and I hope it’s as available as this new one is. If you’re not convinced, or if maybe you just don’t trust me, you can go here and see all of the strips that he’s done so far (I think). If you can read even a page of that without chuckling, well, then I guess you shouldn’t buy it. It’s $11 and he covers things that I’ve barely even heard of and I thought I was keeping up with everything that was going on. Buy it and laugh!

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