Rege, Ron – Yeast Hoist: Does Music Make You Cry?


Yeast Hoist: Does Music Make You Cry?

It’s always a joyous thing when a new Ron Rege book comes out, and I’ll get on with the unadulterated praise in a minute, but… $8.95? That’s absolutely insane. I’m aware that there’s no market for comics at all these days, and the book does look great, but it’s thin, and there’s no chance that anybody who hadn’t already heard of Ron would spontaneously pick up something this thin for that much money. That being said, it was an immensely rewarding thin book and took me much longer to get through than I would have thought by looking at it, mostly because Ron’s panels are some of the easiest in comics to linger over. It’s a collection of different stories, mostly about wandering and searching. I really liked his way of ending his stories, which is something that I’m going to leave for you to discover for yourself. I know, I just got done saying how ridiculously expensive this book is, but everybody who’s reading this page knows what an amazing creator this guy is and should feel a compulsion to get everything he puts out. The title is linked, go there to buy it or to look at more samples, of his work and that of a bunch of other amazing artist… A website!

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