Reynolds, Grant – To the Mouth of the Source


To The Mouth Of The Source

Grant has this wonderful ability to take a genre that I mostly don’t like (if you can call translating song lyrics into comic form a “genre”) and turn it into one of my favorite things. He’s able to mix in silent panels with the lyrics so that everything seems natural and linear, and that impresses the hell out of me. Most people who try this seem to just draw a page for every certain number of lyrics, but this is definitely the way to go. This is based on a song by Joanna Newsom about a dog and his bone, a train, tadpoles, and… aw, screw it, this one is completely visual now. It reads like an old blues song, although I have no idea who Joanna Newsom is or when she wrote the song. This may be the best of his comics, although my memory is for crap and I could be glossing over other stuff. Either way it’s a great piece of work on its own, so if you like Grant and/or comics, well, you know what to do… $5

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