Rodges, Barry – Approximately 1/5 of “The Iwerks Commemorative Dinner”


Approximately 1/5 of “The Iwerks Commemorative Dinner”

If I’m remembering correctly that title is to be taken literally, and this is in fact about 1/5 of a much larger work that Barry has planned. If not, well, that’s what you get for listening to me in the first place. This is done as one page strips all loosely connected together. No idea if this was done first for a newspaper or online somewhere, but if not it should have been, as these work well as single pieces and I was just starting to get a feel for how they all fit together when the damned comic is over. That’s the nature of a preview, I suppose. It’s all about a… um, “man” at a table, waiting for this dinner to start, fantasizing about those two creatures on the cover doing a variety of odd things and having conversations. Eventually barriers get broken and the creatures hop in and out of the real world, but none of this leaves the structure of being a series of one page installments, at least not yet. I’m intrigued, I have to say. It looks from this preview like Barry is heading in a different direction here, as he experiments with different panel structures and this whole “graphic novel” concept in general. Keep an eye out for the whole book of this, I have high hopes. Oh, and this is another part of Shiot Crock #11, for those of you keeping score out there…

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