Ryan, Johnny – Angry Youth Comix #4


Angry Youth Comix #4

I am Johnny Ryan’s personal hype machine! Honestly, it’s just reminding you that he’s putting out quality work on a consistent basis, and to point out the fact that there are TWO collections of his Angry Youth mini comics coming out in 2003, so get on the ball! Included in here is a story about a Halloween party, one about “Comic Book Skool” (and I know I have gone on before about people doing stuff that too self-referential to the genre, but I have to take it all back after reading this), Hipler and one called “Fuck and Shit”. How can you not love this guy? If you don’t have any issues of this yet, well, why not start here? Then go back and get the other ones. Maybe I’m too biased to be writing a review for this so I’ll stop now. And check out his website!

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