Ryan, Johnny – Angry Youth Comix #5


Angry Youth Comix #5

OK, before I get started on this one, there was a debate recently on the Comic’s Journal message board about how Johnny Ryan’s comics were terrible, that he crossed all kinds of lines and that was terrible. It wasn’t quite as moral as all that, as people said that they didn’t mind lines being crossed, the comics just weren’t that funny. Well… no. Listen, Fantagraphics mostly puts out books that are for the discriminating comics reader, or the more intelligent reader. These types of people aren’t going to think something that is kind of offensive is funny, or “American Pie” offensive, like sticking your dick in a pie. These people need things that break all kinds of boundaries, or maybe things that are just funny, and I think Johnny delivers pretty consistently. I’m going off on this tangent because everybody knows how I feel about the guy, so obviously I liked this issue too. It’s a bit different from the usual, as there’s a long story in the middle about a guy who’s trying to get velvet pants in 1976. He uses the styles of more than a few of the underground guys, I’m not going to embarrass myself trying to name them all. Other than that, a monkey shaved and disguised as Loady McGee fucks a hole in a vat of boiling hot liquid dildo, saving the day, and I can’t imagine what else you would need to know to check this out.

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