Ryan, Sara & Lieber, Steve – Me and Edith Head


Me and Edith Head

Another random comic sent to me and it’s a good one. A smart little tale about making choices and dealing with things not necessarily turning out the way that you had planned. Apparently Steve Lieber is famous in the comic world, as his bio says that he’s drawn for every major publisher and draws one of the monthly Batman books. That’s not to say that his work has to be good because of it, but this book looks great. Sara has a novel out about teen sexuality as well, so I can’t imagine why these two didn’t try to get this published by one of the major companies. Maybe they did and they didn’t want it, or maybe they just wanted to go the small press route, but it’s just good that the work is out there. It’s just a couple of bucks and well worth checking out. The story (I should probably mention something about that, huh?) involves a young woman whose parents have just split up and her attempts to get a certain part in A Midsummer Nights Dream. She’s offered something else, and you can read the rest for yourself. Check out the website, why don’t you?

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