Sacco, Joe – Notes From A Defeatist

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Notes From A Defeatist Hey look, a new book from Joe Sacco! Not really, as it’s all stuff taken from his old series Yahoo and other sources, but hey, it’s new if you haven’t seen it before, right? This is a collection of random stories, including his time traveling with a band and his stories before, during and after the Gulf War. No, the other one. The statements that Bush Sr. made and the ones that Bush Jr. are making now are eerily similar. Might have to do with the fact that it’s the exact same administration, but this isn’t about me bitching about politics. Look, Joe doesn’t have much available. nHe hasn’t had a regular series going for what, 8 years? A lot of the people reading comics today know him for Palestine but probably have no idea that he was capable of the heartfelt work in this book. Some of it isn’t that great, granted. But the good more than makes up for the bad. The streaming, train-of-thought story A Disgusting Experience, the entire travel journal with the band, the story on libraries, his problems with a long distance relationship, and especially the quotes about different bombing campaigns throughout the years, these are all things that are indispensable. This is required reading for anyone who has an interest in Joe Sacco. Or good comics, I guess…

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