Sayers, Joey – Absolute Power


Absolute Power

There was some brief confusion on my part before I realized that these are 5 minute comics, not a 5 minute comic. This is a completely hilarious collection of one page strips about all kinds of people with various super powers, some incredibly useful, some useless, and some that are going to destroy the planet one day. One look at that sample should convince you pretty quickly if this sort of humor is for you (you know, the funny kind of humor). I was going to write a list of some of the characters just to give you more of a taste from the inside, but as this is a visual medium and all, why ruin the surprise? My biggest problem here was just picking the one page to sample, a good half dozen or more made me laugh out loud. As for the art, well, these pages were done in 5 minutes or less, but frankly I’ve seen plenty worse in books that didn’t have the 5 minute excuse going for them. Great book to pick up if you like laughing, and a wonderful thing for me to see on a Monday…

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