Seko, Ted – Giants Rising


Giants Rising

This one has already been reviewed before, at least in part, as it’s the last third of the second volume of Comic Pulp. So if you read the review for that one and decided that all you really wanted to see was the part about giant robots fighting each other while an old drunk tried to save the world and get the top heavy girl, you’re in luck! As for me, the covers of those first two volumes are simply too wonderful to mess with the individual issues, so I’d have to go with the complete volumes, even with the weak middle of the last one. Also, how the women in these books are able to walk without a wheelbarrow in front of them is beyond me. So why bother posting this at all if I’ve already reviewed it? Well, my review pile is tiny, and it’s more a public service announcement than anything else. Read on its own this is a pretty fun ride, even if I can’t figure out what benefit it is for a giant robot to have a fake piece of hair plastered over one eyeball. Is it just to make it look cool? I would think tactically that you wouldn’t want your giant robot to be blind in one eye, but then again, I don’t have my own giant robot, so what do I know? So, to sum all this up: be careful when you see “new comics” from an artist you like, as they may really be older comics that have already been collected. Of course, the cheaper price does make it easier to check people out at cons. $3.95

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