Soto, Zack – The Secret Voice #1


The Secret Voice #1

Damn you Zack Soto! Don’t you know that naming your new, fancypants comic the same as your old mini just confuses people like me? Well, the difference here (besides completely different content) is that this one is $4.95, looks fantastic and is published by somebody other than Zack. He says inside this here comic that he’s always wanted to do a regular comic series and he seems serious, so let me just say: please don’t be kidding. Everybody seems to want to do a regular series and then they peter out after 1-6 issues. Once you get past that point it seems like the series continues, but I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for this to come out three times a year. Nothing against Zack personally, but why get so attached when there’s such constant disappointment in the comic world? I really hope he does keep it up though, because if this issue is any indication he could have some great stuff in him. The bulk of this issue is about Dr. Galapagos, a pretty straightforward superhero type (although Zack says there’s more to him than that that we’ll see in later issues). He needs the severed hand of a troll king for… something. Mayhem and action a’plenty, and there are certainly worse things in the world than that. Then there’s the story of a shipwrecked man who finds a hole in the middle of the ocean that sure seemed familiar. Maybe from an anthology? Either way, good stuff. Also it looks like he’s setting up a whole Secret Voice universe of characters, and he uses Smog Emperor in this one to get a Game Boy back from some bullies. He also puts in an origin story for a few of the characters, which is a great idea. It looks, from everything in here, like Zack is serious about this and he’s in it for the long haul. He has a main feature, he’s creating characters for the other features and he seems to genuinely want to keep this going for years to come. Good luck to him and kudos on starting it, I just hope that I’ll be rambling about #15 of this series in five years.

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