Southworth, Barry – Toxic Comix #1


Toxic Comix #1

Another random shortie, another one filled with potential. The art is good, if a little rough at times, but nothing that I can’t see being tons better a few issues down the road. Same with the dialogue. A little silly and awkward at times, but overall solid and it’s the kind of thing that gets a lot easier with a few comics under the belt. There are a few stories in this. One’s about working in a fast food joint and, in a switch, is less about angst over this fact (although it is mentioned) than it is about corruption and corporations. Or I’ve been listening to NPR too much today, take your pick. The dream story in the beginning was a nice intro to the book. It looked like a silly fantasy book with the sword and all, then he takes a turn and you don’t know what to expect. Overall, it was a little raw, but I liked it. Who knows, these stories might all be going places and I just don’t know it yet.

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