Stanton, James – The Herbivores #1



The Herbivores #1

OK quick: stoner dinosaur reggae band + a momentarily angry T-Rex = ?  I have no idea either, but this comic has a fun time trying to figure it out.  Things start off quietly enough  (and James does an amazing job with the art on that first page) with the band quietly playing, throwing out a few political slogans.  A T-Rex is approaching, and the small parasites next to the band try to point this out, but heavy pot use does tend to dull the reaction times.  The T-Rex get a bite of one of the band, the heavy THC concentration makes the T-Rex wander off… until it gets the munchies.  Considering the fact that this comic is centered around one of my least favorite things in the world (reggae bands), it’s a minor miracle that I enjoyed this as much as I did.  The gorgeous art helped a lot, as the detail everywhere is impressive, and there are more than a few funny bits in this tiny thing.  James was nice enough to send the first three issues, so we’ll see if this gets old in a hurry, but it’s a fun first issue, and there’s a whole bunch of comics at that website to get to know the guy a little better. $2


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