Stanton, James – The Herbivores #3



The Herbivores #3

When in doubt, draw a big old fight between a T-Rex and a giant squid monster.  Kudos again to James for throwing in some interesting marijuana facts at the start of the issue, this time dealing with cannabis and religion.  I’m not sure how well sourced these facts were, as they’re all taken from one book, but they were interesting regardless.  In this issue the dinosaurs devise a plan to get inside the temple: have their recently domesticated T-Rex kill the squid monster.  Problem is, the big old dinosaur isn’t quite the killing machine he used to be.  The solution?  Build the biggest blunt they can find and make the T-Rex smoke, as marijuane makes you hungry.  Not to pick at a plot point here or anything, but while I won’t dispute the fact that marijuana makes you hungry, I seriously doubt that it would improve your fighting prowess.  Anyway, the rest of the book is a detailed fight scene with a surprise ending that I’m going to ruin right now: ninja.  No idea where it goes from here, as they still haven’t made it inside that damned temple, but I am at least curious to see where the ninja fits in with all these dinosaurs.  Worth a look, especially if you like big gruesome fight scenes.  $2


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