Tautkus, George – Krunk #7


Krunk #7

Looks like I’ve finally come to the end of my SPX ’03 Krunk pile. Oh well, I’m sure there’s either more out there or more to come. This one falls into the so-so pile, but that could just be because I expect so much out of these little comics. There are two stories in here. The first is about a woman who gets a job doing parking lot security for a Madonna gig. It doesn’t go anywhere and ends rather abruptly, but there’s still room for a good line or two. Then there’s the story of a man who’s embarrassed of his performance in front of a class and wants to go back in time to make it better. This one had a lot more going for it, and that last panel was one of the best last panels ever. Did I mention that I like understated? Anyway, my sadness over not having any more of these to read should convince some of you fence-straddlers to give at least one of these minis a shot, although I’d still recommend getting a few because they’re mostly short. And they’re mostly only $1! Contact info is easily found by those who seek it…

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