Tautkus, George – A Short Procedure


A Short Procedure

Just so you know, that cover is the actual size of the book. This book, unlike all of his other work that I’ve seen, certainly can’t be called short, unless you’re referring to stature. It’s got to be around 100 pages (sorry, I’m not going to count them), tiny though they may be. I don’t know how many of these he made, as I think he had to do all the stitching by hand, but it’s definitely something you should try to find. It’s the story of a man who goes through a hernia operation, with all the uncomfortable parts thrown in. Also a long bit at the beginning about pizza involving some unrelated (unless I missed something) characters. I’d guess this is at least $3 for the sheer effort involved in making this, contact info is above. This is the longest story he has available by far, so if you’re just looking to check the guy out, this is the one to check. Unless he only made a few of them, in which case I’m sorry to have wasted your time…

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