Tautkus, George – Krunk Volume 2 #5


Krunk Volume 2 #5

I’m pretty sure this isn’t kosher, but I’m going to reprint the entire “the story so far” at the start of this issue to give fans of his work some idea what’s going on here. For those people who aren’t fans, I have to think you’re a little bit stupid, or possibly you just haven’t read any Krunk yet. Anyway: “Terrence Krunk decides to travel and meets his friend Jimy and a new friend Jogn on the way to his first destination. Upon arriving, Terrence finds a place to stay and accidentally meets up with Jogn again. Terrence is, then, abducted by pirates. Jimy and Jogn save him. Terrence does not want them to turn the pirates over to the police. This makes Jimy yell at Terrence. In response, Terrence leaves his friends.” Everybody up to speed? Of course, this description is just the bare bones and leaves out all the wonderful, wonderful details going on in these issues. Terrence is down on his luck here (hence that image of him sitting on the street on the cover) but is lucky enough to meet a homeless man who takes him under his wing. Jimy attends a family dinner and fights to keep his mouth shut.We get to see the real history of cigarettes, and why people have to drinkexactly at noon. And I seem to have unconsciously mimicked the speaking style from the recap. Whoops! Oh, and there are some fantastic letters on the back of this comic, which is something that comics should do more often, assuming that anybody writes to comic creators these days. $2

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