Taylor, Rebecca – The Wonderful Year #1

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The Wonderful Year #1

Well, her website is dead and I can’t seem to find any new contact information for her, although I am searching for “Rebecca Taylor comics” on google, so it’s probably hopeless.  Even if I could find anything, I seriously doubt that her earliest issues are still available.  So why bother with a review?  Because when I get the comics rental thing off the ground (the hope is mid-April of 2010, which is theoretically possible), it’s comics like this that are sort of the reason for the project.  Here’s a comic that’s way out of print, but I have a copy just sitting in a box, along with most of her other issues.  Why not share it with the world?  If any of you are thinking I’m coming across like Gandhi, forget it: I hope to be able to eke out a meager living, between that and selling comics.  Then again, who makes any real money from comics?  Wasn’t there a comic in here that has nothing to do with me or this rental idea?  Oh yeah.  There’s not much to it, and I am more than a little hesitant to even review this older stuff, as most of the comics people I’ve talked to would rather their earlier work went away forever.  Their early work is often great, but that’s never stopped them.  This issue meanders, serving as a (more fully realized than usual) sketchbook more than anything else.  Her art has improved tremendously over the years, but you all know that it’s never wise to base your opinion of the artistic talent of these people on their first few issues.  Topics in here include hanging around a coffee shop, trying to figure out how to do her comics, surf music, and getting ripped off at the beach.  They all float around in the general area that is her comic, and it all comes across as things that she silently observed at some point.  If anybody knows of contact information for this woman please send it along to me, as I’m hoping to use her books in this rental idea but have no idea how to get ahold of her.  I’m guessing this is a buck or two, but good luck finding a place to buy it…


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