Taylor, Rebecca – The Wonderful Year #2

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The Wonderful Year #2

I’ve almost managed to fill in all the blanks on all of Rebecca’s earlier work, at which point… hm.  Don’t seem to have an ending for that sentence.  At which point the world will be a slightly better place, as samples from all of her comics (that I know of) will be on a currently functioning website?  I’ll go with that one.  This comic, as is the case with most of her book, wanders around a bit, eschewing that “traditional narrative” thing we’ve all gotten used to over the years.  Still, who needs a traditional narrative?  She manages to make her points in other ways.  Subjects in here include various fantasies about funerals, “light as a feather, stiff as a board”, loneliness, watching something irony-free, keeping pedophilia simple, making out with the guy from Blue’s Traveler, and a dream of making out in a sink.  Again, descriptions of this are just about pointless, so I have a tendency to leave it up to the reader… who will quite possibly never see this book, as it’s out of print.  Oh well, that’s the price of reviewing old mini comics.  If you can find this it’s probably only a couple of bucks, but good luck with that…

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