Thomas, JB – Sweet Dreams For Talula


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Sweet Dreams for Talula

Another day, another free mini in the mail. I tell you, this “job” certainly has its perks. Of course, there wouldn’t be a page without the help of all the fine people who send me their stuff because I’m certainly not paid for this and can’t afford to get anywhere near as much stuff as I’d like. How’s this one? The art reminds me a lot of Renee French, and that’s not a bad thing at all. It’s the story of a little girl who finds peace in her dreams and doesn’t think the waking world has much going for it. It’s always nice to see the people who take full advantage of being stuck with only black and white too. You can tell that some people would love to be coloring their work, they just can’t afford it. I can’t see this one as being anything other than black and white. A creepy, disquieting little tale. Very professional for a mini from a guy that I hadn’t heard of. Either he’s been doing stuff for a while or I just missed out on him. It looks from the inside front page that you can trade literally almost anything for a copy of this, so go ahead and send him something. I don’t recommend it if you’re feeling depressed, but it’s pretty well done and certainly worth a trade or a couple of bucks. E-mail him or send him a copy of your birth certificate or something at: P.O. Box 163463 Sacramento, CA 95816.

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