Thompson, Bart – Amour #1 (art by Ezequiel Pineda)


Amour #1 (art by Ezequiel Pineda)

Who likes love stories? Well, modern day love stories anyway, none of that courtship and romance crap. Or maybe I’m just projecting due to my own crappy love life? Drat, I’ve said too much. There are three stories in here, all about the very beginning of a potential relationship. First up is a young woman who’s trying to decide whether or not to meet an online acquaintance, somebody who has been sending her poetry and telling her about his day (and asking about hers) for months. Of course, who knows what you’re getting with an internet romance? Next is the story of romance at a loud concert, which limits the dialogue more than a little, as large chunks of story are taken up by people trying to “make some noise”. Damn kids with their loud music! Finally you have the story of two people, meeting by chance at a diner, who just happen to be competing for the same slot with a comic company. She’s cynical, he’s charming, how will it turn out� Overall this whole thing was a little too heartwarming for my taste, but feel free to attribute most of that to my mood. It would have been nice to have a bit of variation in the type of woman represented here as well (it turns out that women and men of all shapes and sizes fall in love), but all told it’s a pretty decent romance comic, if that’s your sort of thing. $3.50

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