Tomczak, Ray – Wasted Potential



Wasted Potential

How exactly does Ray keep track of his comics? It seems like he has a new sampler out just about every year at SPACE, but as this one just has the name of his weekly comic strip as the title, us obsessive types get easily confused.  This is a collection of some of his recent stuff (and you can see all kinds of it at his website) and, as is often the case with samplers, it has some decent stuff and some that’s not all that funny.  Well, at least it’s not to somebody like me with a known aversion to most strip comics.  Topics in here include freaking out a kid, trying not to think about monkeys, artistic expression, meandering, Thanksgiving dinner, and celebrating the new year.  OK fine, it’s mostly funny stuff, the only one that didn’t at least make me smile was the one with the kid.  You guys know the drill by now: check out his stuff for free on his site, if you like it see if you can send him some money and get some minis.  This, I believe, was free at SPACE, so if you’re a cheapskate like me you can also always just wait to see him at a convention…


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