Tomczak, Ray – Ray-TV #2


Ray-TV #2

You know, I’m getting more and more comics these days where my only reaction is “eh”. Not great, not terrible, just sort of there. Maybe I’m running out of things to say after writing a few hundred of these reviews, but I like to think that I have something to say for the really good stuff. This one was pretty dull at times and OK at others. Ray explains why his “publishing company” is called SRD Studios, has a time travel story with Ben Franklin, explains the difference between graphic novels and trade paperbacks for the people who actually spend precious moments of their life worrying about such things, and has some one page newspaper style strips. I read the first issue of this series and it didn’t do much for me either, but this guy has apparently been around a while and might have done some stuff that’s better than this, I don’t know. Not a particularly thrilling read for me, obviously, but I’m just a guy with a website. They’re $1 each and there are two issues out so far, send money to: 4050 N. High St. #33 Columbus, OH 43214. Or just e-mail him if you’re curious to see what else he’s done…

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