Trudgeon, Aaron – Anti-Matter Zine #1

Possibly not his actual Myspace page, but too good to pass up

Anti-Matter Zine #1

How disappointing. Not in the quality of the actual comic, as it was probably a little better than The Face on Mars (and scroll up there and read the review if you don’t know what I’m talking about). There’s just no kitsch value in this one. What you have here is a pretty basic comic about… making a comic. Except it’s called a “zine” throughout, but that just depends on which word you want to use. And I’m still not sure if Aaron did this one too or if it’s a bunch of people doing these Ancient Wisdom comics, so if anybody has any clue please let me know. Anyway, it’s tiny, it’s cheap, and the contact info is the same as above if you’re curious, but I was very bored with this one.

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