Ullman, Robert – Crustacean Frustration



Crustacean Frustration

You can probably guess a bit about this comic from the cover and that wonderful title: there’s going to be trouble between that chef and a lobster.  It’s true, that’s how things start, as what appears to be a king enters a restaurant, requests a lobster, and the nervous chef has all sorts of trouble catching the lobster.  In the end he fails, and if that was the end of the comic it would have been another mildly amusing silent mini, but Rob takes it way past that.  The chef loses his job due to being unable to feed the king and sinks into a spiral of depression and drinking, always funny when involving a cartoon chef with a giant moustache.   While out drinking he sees his old nemesis the lobster, only now the lobster is the owner/manager of a vegetarian bar and grill.  Unable to take this, the chef goes and and gets a gun to finally get his revenge but, much as I would like to, I can’t bring myself to ruin the ending.   Laughing out loud is always the sign of a winner to me, and this comic definitely fits the bill.  It’s worth checking out, although I should point out that you should probably get this alongside at least a few of his other minis.  I should mention to anybody who gets annoyed at that little “read more” bar after the reviews that I pretty much have to do that now due to the immense size of some of these pages.  Rob has piles of minis below the fold, so if you’re one of those people who never click on that you’re really missing out.  No price tag, let’s go with $2.


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