Vonduskra, Greg – Tread #3


Tread #3

The latest from Greg Vondruska came today, and it’s a good one. He takes it in a slightly different direction with this one, veering a little bit from the introspection that was in the first couple of issues. Which is a good thing, as that can only last for so long and be entertaining. It’s good to see that he’s stretching. Lots of stuff about fish in this one, with one of the characters being swallowed by a fish and the other one meeting a school of talking fish underwater. Throw in a few stories about Peg Boy (not the band, and I wonder how many people out there will get that) and one about love after death and you have a pretty well-rounded book. It’s $3 and it looks nice. My opinion on this guy hasn’t changed, folks. He’s got some good stories in him and you should buy his stuff. Check the other issues for contact info, I’m too lazy to link everything again…

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