Vonduskra, Greg – Tread #8


Tread #8

Here’s another fine collection of random comics from Greg. The guy on the cover with the huge eyebrows is in a story getting his ass kicked (along with a guy with a mohawk) and in plenty of one page pieces getting run over (not literally) by his girlfriend. You also have the sampled piece (which I mostly sampled because I wasn’t quite sure how to describe it, which is always a good thing), a tale about birds and porridge, Bible Adventures, and almost seeing Traci Lords on Oprah. Perfect for the fans of comics full of many random stories! And who hasn’t known someone with giant eyebrows who just had beating after beating coming? Seriously, if you haven’t checked out any of his stuff yet, this is a good place to start, as he’s really been honing his skills with the previous issues and this one has all new stuff in it, so you don’t have to catch up or anything. It’s $3, contact info is up there I’ll bet!

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