Williams, Tom – Pussy Galore


Pussy Galore

As you can see from the cover page, this is one of them there 24 hour comics. These are pretty much immune to criticism, as they are SUPPOSED to look rushed and sloppy, the plot (when there is one) is obviously going to be rushed as well, and how can you say anything bad about such an obvious labor of love as this? That being said, this was a wonderful comic for anybody who has ever had a really crappy customer service job but has lived to make it to their last day. This is all about a man working his last day for a copy shop (obviously a Kinko’s but I don’t think he ever used the name) and all the stupid, stupid crap he had to deal with on a regular basis. Most of the people reading this can probably relate to stupid folk in the copy shop, as most of the folks reading this probably have made their own comics at one time or another and have either had to deal with it themselves or seen it in action. In other words, another fun 24 hour book, and another book that I really liked by Tom Williams. Here’s a website, this one was $2!

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