Wilson, Jeff – Sap #6


Sap #6

Well, that alien invasion you’ve been waiting for (if you read the last issue that is, and if you don’t count the benign aliens that have already invaded) happens here. Worms all over the place, people getting all kinds of goofy with all the sap that’s laying around… mayhem galore. And, strangely, very little about the characters who seemed so central to the last issue, or at least they seem central to a brain that hasn’t read the last issue in a couple of years. Dan Zettwoch also did a backup story for this one, basically a public service ad about the dangers of sap, and Ted May is the one who put this issue together, so we at least know that he has great friends in the comic business. Good stuff again, although this one is desperately lacking the synopsis that made the last issue so easy to pick up and follow…

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