Wolfgang, Kurt – Where Hats Go


Where Hats Go

I had a feeling that this guy had some amazing stories in him (go ahead, look at my review for Noe-Fie #6) and he proved me to be a genius with this one. This one is perfect in just about every way, folks. If the people who give out the comics awards have any sense at all you’re going to be hearing about this book a lot when they pass out the awards at SPX. It’s a wordless tale, but with a twist: the word balloons have pictures in them. It might not seem like much, but it contributes to the unique feel of the book. There’s a little boy who loses the hat that his grandfather gives him in a gust of wind, and the rest of the book is spent with him trying to find his hat. Probably doesn’t sound like much fun, I know, but trust me when I say this is one of the best things that I’ve read all year (I would say the best thing but then I remembered the Abe book from Glenn Dakin). There’s more to the story too, of course, but that’s all you’re getting out me. It’s cheap and it’s great, so just buy it. The one thing I’m always afraid of with the wordless comics is that it’s over before you know it, so it can be hard to justify spending $8 or more on them. Don’t worry, this one takes a while to get through and you’re going to want to linger over the amazing art in this thing anyway.

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