Woodward, James – These Things Happen #3 (written by Lou Anders)


These Things Happen #3 (written by Lou Anders)

You know what I like in comics? Attention to detail. Well, and a whole bunch of other things, but that goes a long way. This comic is basically about a talk show and all the people involved with it, even though the story wanders over to mad scientists and Mr. T occasionally. And it’s a colorful cast of characters. There’s the host of the show, who doesn’t talk when he’s off camera because he’s not getting paid for it; the new producer, who doesn’t have a face; and all the stagehands, one of whom has a fascinating theory about Fonzie as a shaman. What I like about it is how one of them can be wandering down the hall and hear a snippet of a conversation, then an issue later we can go back to them seamlessly and see what they were talking about while other things were going on. The art’s fantastic, the dialogue is witty and real and the story is funny as hell. What’s not funny about a mad scientist who’s grafting human heads onto the bodies of emus in an attempt to take over the world? Check out this site, as it has “e-comics”, whatever that means (these kids today and their newfangled technology, I swear), or go to the other site that’s linked up there. Check it out, it’s worth it!

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