Young, Jason – Francis #2


Francis #2

I could have sworn that I got more than one issue of this… Anyway, this is the story of a very confused young man dealing with his emerging sexuality. He thinks that he’s gay until a female friend goes down on him at a party, then he’s all kinds of confused. There’s not much in the way of introspection here. It’s a pretty straight-forward story of a boy cheating on his boyfriend and most of the story is spent while intoxicated in some way. I liked the art, but it did look a little rushed at times. Maybe the messy lettering contributed to that, I don’t know, but the story was short and fascinating. Send the man an e-mail, I think it would be better to have the whole 3 issue series but this one is self-contained. Oh, and the pages are pink like the cover (all three were different colors), I just didn’t want to give me scanner a chance to screw things up…

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