Young, Jason – The Paramour Maiden


The Paramour Maiden

Note: this may be the same guy as the other Jason Young listed on this site, but with no way to confirm that, they both get their own pages for now. As for the comic, this is relatively small mini, tightly compacted into an even smaller mini. Which is all well and good most of the time, provided you don’t try to adventurous panel layout that Jason does while also melding conversations that go up and down when they’re really going the traditional left to right. Take a look at the sample, you’ll see what I mean. It’s a needless distraction is all I’m saying, as the story itself is more than good enough to hold your attention. It has a mad scientist (two of them, actually, but mad in different ways), a cowboy overseer who doesn’t take “guff”, a genetically engineered mermaid and countless giant monsters. What’s not to love already? The giant monsters come to get the new monster, the mermaid, which completely derails the other plot with the other mad scientist and the overseer. Giant monsters do have a way of making one forget about the little things though. Worth a look, if you don’t mind panel styles that don’t make much sense. Oh, and if you don’t mind sending money snail mail. Get an e-mail account my good man!

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