Zaben, Andrew – Dream Big Dreams


Dream Big Dreams
Enough already. I’ve given this book every chance that I can,
and I’m afraid that the bad things outweigh the good. I read
it a couple of times before this. Didn’t like it the first time,
found more to like the second time around and now, trying to read it
the third time, I just can’t do it. What problems do I have
with it? Well, the art, for starters. Technically, it’s
fine, if a little bland. Still, I shouldn’t have a problem
distinguishing characters the third time through, and I could still
barely tell them apart. I don’t care for most of the dialogue
either. It feels stilted and contrived most of the time.
So why did I read it two and a half times if I hated it so much?
It’s not like I’ve heard any buzz about it at all, so there’s no
standard that I keep expecting it to hit. It has some really
great concepts and plot ideas. The idea of the little hole in
the wall bar (one of the true places left in the world for actual
conversation about politics and important topics) being franchised
out is a great idea. That’s the strongest part of the book,
even if I still don’t like some of the dialogue. If any of you
are still reading this after my initial rant, I think this guy has a
voice. He didn’t have it with this book, not by a long shot,
but I’m hoping that this was a learning experience for him. I
think Fantagraphics is
putting out another book by him in a couple of months (which is
where you can get this one, if you’re curious. Just go to the
page and type in his name once you get to the catalog), and I hope
to have enough money to give it a shot, because I’m curious.
Here’s that art I was talking about.

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