Zaben, Andrew – Tuesday and Thursday


and Thursday

See? Sometimes it’s the right thing to do to wait for an
artist to develop a little bit. I was probably a bit harsh in
the last review too. I did have legitimate complaints about
it, it’s just that hindsight is always 20/20… Anyway, this
book. It’s the story of a man on his days off and what he does
with them. Along the way we meet his shrew of a wife and his
drunken friends, and we learn about his kleptomania. The only
problem I had in this book was the ending, and that was only because
it seemed like an easy solution to the story. Maybe not, maybe
I’m being too hard on it, but it doesn’t really matter because I
loved the rest of it. His characters have gained levels since
Dream Big Dreams, the dialogue has improved when it was already
pretty damned good, even the art has stepped up a notch or two.
This is a thoroughly engaging read from start to finish and his
subtle but dead-on take on male-female relations is one of the
truest things I’ve read in some time. Spend $8.95, check it
out. I don’t see it anywhere online currently, but you can
always ask Fantagraphics
if they have it. Or you could just mail the man direct at:
75-05 217 St. Bayside, NY 11364.

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