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Portion of Existence

I first heard about Jeff through a glowing review in the Spit and a Half catalog about 5 years ago. He refers to his books as “mini-zines”, and that’s as good a name as any. They’re usually about 4/5 diary-style writing and the other fifth is drawings he makes of the people and places around him. He basically travels all over the place, riding his bike from town to town and telling about the places he goes and the people he meets. Quiet, simple stuff, this issue is about trying to live on the kitchen floor of his drunk schizophrenic friend, getting thrown in jail for 20 days for pot, working a couple of odd jobs and generally questioning a lot of things about the world. Getting any one of these books is a treat. They’re always written about the most mundane things but they never fail to be fascinating. Send him a couple of bucks and a stamp and ask him for his latest, won’t you? Here’s his address, for sure, as of 6/11/03: 7312 Hollis St. Tallahassee, FL 32312. Or e-mail him, but I think he’d get back to you quicker if you just sent him some money or comics in the mail…

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