Zervakis, Jenny – Strange Growths #14 1/2

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Strange Growths #14 1/2

I’m always amazed when I read a comic from somebody like Jenny (who I’ve been reading for years) and see that they don’t have a page on my website. It’s completely because I haven’t seen anything new from her for years, and I don’t even know if this is new, but you can still get it at USSCatastrophe, so I guess that makes it still viable. She’s one of those people that I just ate up back in the day, completely taken by the sheer beauty of the prose. In other words, if you find yourself in a place where you can get a bunch of her old minis, for the love of all that’s holy do it. This one is a shortie with dreams she had while pregnant. Fascinating stuff, and it’s too short for me to ruin it by telling you what it’s about. Which is sort of a cop-out, I guess, but if you already know who this is and didn’t know this issue was out you won’t need much convincing. $1.50

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