Golding, Mary – Life in the Slow Lane


Life in the Slow Lane

“I seriously hope I’m not going to hell for drawing this.”  That’s how Mary ends her introduction to this comic, which is a series of stories told to Mary by her parents about how their parents were getting really old.  She also does mention that she’s not making fun of the elderly, that it looks like it could be interesting at times.  Now that the explanations are out of the way, I do have to point out that this is a pretty funny comic.  Stories include a singing lady, a dog on a shelf, a yelling senile woman, not being able to put on pants, a thieving woman using a walker, fear about going to the ambulance without makeup on, and the advantages of pretending to be senile.  There’s no mean-spiritedness to any of these stories, in case you were wondering.  Still, Mary is right: there are some interesting stories to be told, and frankly it’s a preview of where we’re all going to end up (unless we die first, and that’s a lousy alternative), so why not look into it now?  It’s possible you could be offended by this, but you’d have to be wound pretty tight.  If that’s you then avoid this book (unless you get things like these for the sole purpose of complaining about them, in which case I won’t deny you your hobby), otherwise it’s worth a look.  No price again, I’m going with $2 for no reason.

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