Adams, Jon – Truth Serum #1


Truth Serum #1

How can a comic be this bizarre and this human at the same time? Sorry, I shouldn’t ask rhetorical questions in reviews. What you’ve got here is a little boy who looks like a monkey who isn’t wearing any pants, a superhero who uses his x-ray vision to look at women’s boobs, a wannabe superhero who knocks people out randomly at the bank, a drug dealer that the ladies love, and a little fat kid without eyes or a nose. How it all ties together is open to debate, but I’ll all for finding the other issues of this to find out. My favorite scene is when the mailman tries to bribe the main superhero into giving him money so he won’t give up his secret identity, but all he really wants is a social life. And why doesn’t that boy have pants on? All kinds of funny stuff in here and that art is wonderful. WARNING: REFERENCE THAT NO ONE BUT ME WILL GET: It kind of looks like the art from that one guy who did X-Factor when Peter David wrote it for a year or so. You know, #70-80 something? The sad thing about this is that I haven’t read an issue of X-Factor for 10 years and I STILL know that. If there was a way to purge my brain of useless information like that I could probably have taken over the world by now. Check it out!

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