Allen, Doug – The Best of Steven: A Collection


The Best of Steven: A Collection

The fact that there is only one collection of Steven available is a true crime against humanity. Do yourself a favor, try and find out where all the old Kitchen Sink books are and buy all the Stevens they have. I think Fantagraphics is publishing the new stuff too, but it’s slower than I would have thought humanly possible. Anyway, if you don’t know already, this was the funniest newspaper strip ever. Go ahead, challenge me. Nothing was ever funnier than this one consistently, and I’ll stand by that statement. Brock, Snap-E-Tom, Shuman, E.T., Bunny, Fudgy, Fifi Doodle, Mr. Owl P.H.D…. a better cast of characters you won’t find anywhere. I don’t have this collection, but how could it possibly be bad? Buy this and mourn the fact that this is the only collection available. Maybe if enough people bitch about it somebody will put out a collected edition.

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