Siergey, Jim – Nart… Again


Nart… Again

So I take it that title means that there was a previous issue I missed?  Oh well.  This is one of those comics that is impossible to properly review, as it consists of 7 one panel funnies.  That cover is brilliant.  If you agree with that statement you’ll probably like the rest of the book, if not this might miss your particular sense of humor.  So now what?  I can either describe the remaining 6 panels in detail (actually 5 panels, as one is the sample below), draining them of their power of funny, or just mention that his website is listed above has various sample of various things (including some oddities I haven’t seen before, namely ways to assemble your own gags) and leave it at that.  As usual, I’ll try to split the difference.  I found four of the remaining five gag panels some degree of funny, although one of them a groan-inducing way, if that makes any sense to you.  Eh, just read the samples and make up your own mind.  As I’ve already given my opinion, that works, right?  $1

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