Arcand, Michelle – Being Different

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Being Different (Michelle Arcand only)

Three cheers for the deceptive powers of comics to alter your perceptions! Come on, take a look at that cover before I go on. Tell me that you don’t have a pretty solid preconceived notion of where this one is going to go. Sullen little girl confused and alone, upset about being different, possibly plotting some sort of revenge on her classmates, right? OK, maybe that was just me. But what you really have here is a story about conformity and what it really means to be different. The little girl decides that she wants to make herself different, so she does that by chopping most of her hair off, tying a sock around her head and putting flowers in her hair. She demands that everybody else who wants to be different like her do the exact same thing, and ends up with a following… but why ruin the whole thing? Great stuff, all in color for $1 somehow, I couldn’t recommend this any more highly.

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