B., Dave – Epileptic 1

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Epileptic 1

Before I even get started, um… Volume 1? What’s left? Where can it go from here? Doesn’t David B. know that American audiences need a cliffhanger after the first volume? Sheesh. As for the book itself, it’s fantastic. I feel like I could sit here reading it for days and still not get every little thing that’s in it. On the surface it’s the story of the author as he deals with his epileptic brother as he’s growing up. His parents try just about every means imaginable to cure him including macrobiotics, communes, gurus, and psychologists and medical doctors, but nothing seems to do much good. My main problem with the book is that it’s all over the place, but that does keep with the theme of throwing everything they have at the problem. It’s not a casual read, it’s a commitment to sit down and finish the whole thing (this is the second time I’m tried) but it is a rewarding experience if you can do it. It might be painfully dull for some people, but for others (like me) it’s a fascinating trip into childhood and dealing with situations that just can’t be fixed.

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