Beyer, Mark – Amy + Jordan


Amy + Jordan Sketch

What a wonderfully unique and bizarre book. The main problem with my putting it up here is that I haven’t been able to see it anywhere for less than $40, and that’s a bit much, but it really is something else. Here’s the link for the stuff I could find, anyway, and here’s the website for the guy. What’s the book about? Mostly two people living together who are always depressed. That might not seem like much fun, unless you’ve already read Steven or countless other underground strips. I’m guessing that these were all in a newspaper of some kind years ago. This guy has been around forever, as he was in the old Raw books, among many other things. The only problem I had with the book was that the binding was done horribly and a lot of the stuff in the middle of the pages was lost. Whatever, this review is all over the place, but this is a hell of a book, if you can find it. Strips include the little men who live inside street lamps and keep them lit, hamburgers shaped like individual people, a depressed head on a platter, and Amy’s son getting cracked open like an egg and having the children eat his brains. Good stuff, pretty much all the way through. As the book is so expensive, I thought it was only fair that you get a good number of samples so you’ll know if it’s something you’d like. Aren’t I just the nicest reviewer ever?

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